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Renovo Group plc was a biopharmaceutical company, which was founded in 1998 and was headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. It worked in the discovery and development of drugs to reduce scarring, improve wound healing and enhance tissue regeneration. Renovo does not currently have any marketed products.

Renovo has no management or leadership as an employer, there's no room to grow, no work-life balance, and employees are overworked, according to a former employee at glassdoor.

"- Zero Leadership/ Management, No growth, No structure, Everyone for themselves, Constantly behind on PMs and Work Orders, No life/ work balance, Overworked."


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Former Employee - Biomedical Technician II says

"- Zero Leadership/ Management - No growth - No structure - Everyone for themselves - Constantly behind on PMs and Work Orders - No life/ work balance - Over worked"

Current Employee - BMET II says

"No training, bad ethics, no promises kept."

Former Employee - Corporate says

"The systems they use are outdated. The company is more worried about keeping their pockets fat rather than investing in good talent. They don't care about their employees, hence why it is a revolving door. Employees shelf span is about 90 days to less than 1 year!"

Former Employee - Accounts Payable Clerk says

"The systems they use are outdated and they don't have policies in place to make things run smoother. This place is all about working harder instead of smarter."


"Will string you along and then let you go with no advance notice. No benefits as they want "part time" only, so they can avoid paying for any benefits."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Focused too much on "best" approach; slowed down delivery - Lack of decisiveness from management caused slowdowns - Asks for advice from consultant, but continually ignores that advice - 6 months to a year without shipping anything? Really?"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Following are the challenges I have faced while working for over a year now at Renovo, an inside look: - Low Pay/Salary: Renovo will low ball you with the job offer letter. I was low balled about $15,000 less than the national average salary for my position, but I still accepted it because I was in a very bad situation back then. I had no other option. - Unprofessional Executives: From the day I was interviewed, the top executives, few but not all, have been rude. They'll make fun of you on your face. They'll try to boss you. Clear indications of zero leadership skills. - Dissatisfied Colleagues: Most of the biomed technician employees, which Renovo is mostly made of, say that they had no other option to continue working with Renovo. They also complain about bossy managers, low pay and poor benefits. - Promises made are not kept: During interview, few Promises were made to me but the top executives did not approve it when I needed Renovo to fullfil those promises. I was very disappointed and heartbroken. This is an insider review for new job seekers. I greatly respect my manager and appreciate this opportunity. However, after such aforementioned incidents, I am looking for new opportunities again and will be resigning soon."

Former Employee - BMET2 says

"If they say yes, maybe they really mean no. I really should sue them"

Biomedical Technician (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing positive to say about Renovo! I was lied to by all levels of management to get me there and lied to to keep me! I can guarantee you will work off the clock without pay! They expect you to turn in a 40 hour time card but you will most likely work 60/70 hours! So if you like to work for free and be lied to this is the company for you!I’m drawing a blank!Where do I start? Pay, benefits, poor management, terrible owners! You get the picture! RUNAWAY FAST!!!!"

Desktop Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was in contact about an opportunity with the staffing agency. They then lost my info and contacted me two weeks later about the same job. The job itself was not a bad job at all just need better management.JobsPoor management"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Two of the multiple owners are greedy, cheap and unprofessional. CEO of Renovo Solutions is nothing but a salesman. The two owners make all the decisions and run the company. Too many managers to do the same thing. They boss out all the techs and bring them to a breaking point. No profit sharing for employees at the lower level. Work culture is absolutely terrible: No team meet-ups, day-off from work for extra curricular activities for team building, etc. Bad management overall. Owners should let the CEOs run the company if the company wants to succeed."

SUPERVISOR BIOMEDICAL (Former Employee) says

"Upper management did not forward information to staff. Workplace was poor, dark, and dirty. Goals and objectives always changing. Upper management regularly would move staff to cover another building, leaving our building short handed.Paid for parkingChanging goals and expectations"

Anesthesia specialist (Former Employee) says

"I just said it was riddled with office politics created by stress from management, poorly managed with unclear policies and a difficult way to go about"

Accounting (Former Employee) says

"Did not have a good experience here. They're always asking for more from their employees and they don't want to pay a competitive salary. I've heard stories of people not getting raises/bonuses that were promised. Myself, I was told one thing about my role in the interview process and had the script switched once they got me in the door. Not sure how the other departments are run, but accounting is very shady.Business Casual, Good BenefitsLow Pay, Busy Area"

Shop Lead/Senior BMET (Former Employee) says

"Typical Clinical Engineer position - wavering hours, stressful Management selection leaves much to be desired - No decent manager during entire career"

Biomedical Equipment Technician (Current Employee) says

"Renovo Solutions is great company to gain experience from. They care about their employees. Compensation is not great but benefits are good. Not too many training opportunities directly through the company. Overall happy with the company."

Fair review says

"As per any normal person I checked the reviews before I got it done on my car, after closer inspection the reviews seems to mainly come from garages that offer the service along with all the videos online. My oil went back to black the day after the edt detox, the engine feels as smooth as it does after any oil change with decent grade oil, power is identical and I’ve just finished a tank of fuel and guess what.... same mileage as normal! Don’t get me wrong, I can see a benefit to cleaning your engine out but I cannot see how it got to the claims made and also am now very suspect to all the reviews as they all read very similarly and suspect a garage HAS to write a review"

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